We sat down over at the boss’ lake house this weekend. He and I caught some fish and then we had a meeting about what we are going to do. Of course we figure that the best course is to start out by leasing jobs to temp workers for the time being. We are going to need to have about three dozen new workers, but it is pretty much proven that you can not just pick up any person off the street and have them adapt to the sort of pace we are setting right now. It is very difficult and there is not much choice except to work very hard in order to make things work. In the end we are going to have to get a bigger facility and expand the production capability of our operations, but that is going to be very very expensive and it is easier to just push everything and pay bonuses for keeping pace.

So we will hire people temporarily and see which ones are most willing and able to adapt to what we are trying to do, then if they prove they can cut it we will put them on permanently. That is a lot easier on us than doing the permanent hiring first and then figuring out whether or not a person can manage the job. We can fit the good ones into the company and the others we simply let the contract expire after a month or two. Of course it is possible that some of them will get burnt out by the process, but we make allowances for that if they are useful enough. We do understand that what we are doing is not really something that can be sustain, which is the big reason we need more workers.

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