I think not realizing what motivates us can get in the way of business success. I like to see things get started. I like to work out problems of setting things up to get a system to run optimally. I can spend hours and hours focused on getting something to work. You would think this is great for going into business for myself, but there is a caveat. I lose interest once it is working and want to fix something else. I learned this on my own, and others have done everything from taking leadership training in Singapore to reading self-help books to learn things about themselves that can hold them back when it comes to financial success.

I had actually set up a couple of different businesses for myself over the years. I had the office part running like clockwork, and could never motivate myself to get into the actual production whether it was a product or service. I could advise other companies on what they needed to do to streamline a production process or make things run smoother, but I could not run my own businesses well. I just got bored with the day to day normal routine operations unless I was fixing something. If a computer went down, I could get it working again. I was a fixer of things.

I just needed to realize that fixing things could be a business. I could go from place to place taking on new jobs fixing things that were not working for other companies. I never would have considered that before. I thought I just needed to use my fixing skills to get my own business running when the best business for me was just doing what came naturally. I came about this the hard way, and there are workshops and training seminars to help new people in business learn what makes them tick a whole lot faster. You need to know what motivates you if you want to be in business for yourself or lead others.