I was let go from my job and I knew that it was going to be very hard for me to find a new job. At forty years old, I had worked at the same job since I left secondary school. It was not usual for someone to be able to make the money I did right after graduation, but I was working in a small company that had a lot of work. I went to a Bristol recruitment agency because I knew that they were able to place a few of my friends that were looking for work. It was not always temporary and eventually some of those temp jobs were going to be a full hire. If you did a good job for them and were always to work on time then they were going to be sure to take the time to hire you if the job was going to be in the budget for the company.

In some ways it is really good because you get to see the company and see how they treat people. If you like them and you tell them that you are happy there, then they may keep you in mind if they need to hire someone for a new position. I had to get some help with my resume and the wording of what I did when I was working at my other job. I think that I would have more people looking at me because my company went under, and I did not quit or get fired. I was considered a displaced worker because I was able to work but I was not able to find a job after getting let go from the company that was no longer in business. It was really hard for me to get out of bed the first time.